Get to Know Us: Movie List Meme

Some of you may have seen a new list meme floating around Facebook where people will fill in their favourite (or in some cases, least favourite) film for particular categories. We figured we might as well do it too so you can get to know us a bit better. Enjoy!

Favourite Movie of All Time

Jess: Violent. The story behind how Violent was made is amazing and I’m super jealous that the filmmakers casually went to Norway and shot a beautiful feature film (there’s an article with the producer here with more info). This movie is perfect and the soundtrack is phenomenal.

Nick: Irreversible. I saw Irreversible for the first time last year so it's odd to put it as my favourite of all time. But I loved it. That may make me a bad person? Its gross, its violent its truly awful. But it changed how I looked at storytelling and that is truly special. This movie is not for everyone and you really need to make sure you're ready for it.

Most Hated Movie of All Time

Jess: Rocky Horror Picture Show. I just… don’t get it. I’m sure the interactive shows where you throw bread and spoons or whatever are fun but I can’t put myself through watching this movie again.

Nick: All of the The Fast and The Furious movies. Anytime I tried to watch one of these, I fell asleep. I don’t like car movies or films about money so this franchise is not my style. I get that they are supposed to be popcorn flicks but I just can’t get into them. They do not deserve the praise or money they receive.

Movie I Think Is Overrated

Jess: Arrival. It had some cool elements (especially the design and effects!) but the last fifteen minutes were terrible. Sorry but “remember that conversation we had that one time when I told you how to solve all your problems? No? Well here, let me recall it for you word for word” is not a natural thing that would be said and it is a terrible way for a character to solve their problems.

Nick: Argo. Argo fuck yourself is correct.

Movie I Think Is Underrated

Jess: Lion King II. All direct to VHS Disney sequels get a bad reputation but this one was actually pretty decent.

Nick: Tusk. It’s better than people give it credit for. Johnny Depp is hilarious as Guy Lapointe and Harley Morenstein (Epic Meal Time host) is surprisingly funny as the border patrol officer.

Movie I Love

Jess: What a generic category that could basically be anything! I didn’t put The Secret of Kells for any other category so I will put it here. Watch this movie as soon as you can because it is beautiful and unique!

Look at this. Amazing!

Look at this. Amazing!

Nick: Eraserhead. I had to stop this movie 3 times when I first watched it cause I was so genuinely uncomfortable and on edge. Even months after I had first seen the film, I was still thinking about how it affected me. I now travel with this movie in case I need some quick inspiration or get a desire to watch it randomly.

Movie I Secretly Love

Jess: Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest. This isn’t really a secret? I had this as my ringtone for a year:

But apparently there are people who don’t share Michael Bolton’s love for Jack Sparrow. I like all of the three Pirates movies (there’s nothing after the third one…. It is a trilogy) so they think it’s weird that I like this movie.

Nick: The Human Centipede. I am aware of all the issues and stigma with it. Yeah, it’s gross and hokey but I really really dug it. The idea is disturbing but Tom Sixx really allows this movie to get under your skin and let you gross yourself out by working a “less is more” concept. The same cannot be said about the second or third sadly.

Favourite Drama

Jess: Inside Llewyn Davis. 80% closeups of Oscar Isaac singing…. What’s not to love?

Nick: Enter The Void. I don’t normally cry when I watch movies but this one was so powerful that I was on the verge of tears twice. It’s a very unique perspective and incredibly moving.

Favourite Horror

Nick: The Babadook, It Follows, The Witch, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Insidious, The Conjuring, Rosemary’s Baby, Black Christmas. I am not going to choose just one, because I love horror a lot. It is a very important genre to me and where I want to stake my claim, so to choose just one film is waaaay too hard.

Jess: Okay, that's cheating because you're only supposed to do one movie. I will also pick Rosemary's Baby.

Favourite Comedy

Nick: Clerks. The first time I watched Clerks I hated it. I didn’t find it funny at all and thought it was insanely long and pretentious. Then I re-watched it a few years later and I realized just how great this movie is. As an indie filmmaker I feel like it's a bit self serving to choose this because almost all indie filmmakers want to be the next Kevin Smith indie darling... but I do think  it is worth the hype.

Favourite Disney

Jess: The Lion King. Closely followed by Robin Hood.

NickTreasure Planet. I don’t like the story of Treasure Island… until it’s in space!

Favourite Sci-Fi

Jess: You know you don’t watch sci fi when your favourite is Inception.

NickUnder The Skin. This film is very meditative and can be hard to get through on your first viewing due to its slow pace. But it's beautifully shot and also really inspired how I went about shooting and creating The Mother of Beauty.

Favourite Documentary

Jess: RiP!: A Remix Manifesto. Super cool documentary about copyright and IP. Fun fact: when I watched for a film studies class, the production company wanted to charge my teacher every time she would play the movie which contradicts its entire message. Thankfully the director went against that and only made her pay to buy it once.

Nick: The Nightmare. I suffer from sleep paralysis and didn’t sleep properly for two days after watching this. I genuinely was terrified (even though the reenactments were cheesy).

Favourite Animation

Jess: Book of Kells, Akira, Grave of the Fireflies, and It’s Such a Beautiful Day are all really high up there but The Illusionist just edges them out. It’s such a beautiful, simple story and Sylvain Chomet’s art style is amazing.

Nick: It’s Such a Beautiful Day. This movie is simple and beautiful. It's weird in a way that only Don Hertzfeldt could create. Simply drawn stick and line figures have no right being this powerful.

Favourite Superhero Film

Jess: The Dark Knight Rises. I don’t really like superhero movies ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ But The Dark Knight trilogy is amazing so this was an easy choice.

Nick: Hellboy 2 or Blade 2.

Favourite War Film

Jess: Grave of the Fireflies. Not a war film in the traditional sense but it takes place during the war and it’s about the direct consequences it has on the main characters. Also there was no “movie that is the saddest thing ever” category and I wanted to include this somewhere on the list.

Nick: Pan’s Labyrinth. I dislike war movies so I am choosing a movie about war that is barely about war and instead about a fawn.

Favourite Romance

Jess: 500 Days of Summer. I was going to put Gone Girl because in a way it’s about romance? But that feels like cheating so I put a different movie that is also about relationships falling apart rather than starting.

NickHer. I saw this movie while in a long distance relationship and the only way we could really interact with one another was through technology so it definitely felt like a part of my relationship was being shown on screen. This movie is pretty in every way and will make you feel all fuzzy inside. 

Favourite Foreign Film

Jess: Akira.  If you can, watch this in a theatre because it makes the experience so much more immersive.

NickTsotsi. I ended up weirdly emotional after this film. This movie hit on a lot of weird notes and I love it. 

Favourite "Bad" Movie

Jess: “Bad” does not even begin to describe the wonderful adventure that is Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen’s Holiday in the Sun. Over 90% of the film is dutch angles for absolutely no reason - I think they may have broken their tripod while filming and forgotten to replace it? What little plot is squeezed in between the multiple black and white/”old film” filtered montagues makes absolutely no sense - it starts out as a fun family vacation but quickly turns into a rom-com, then a mystery, then a fake documentary segment? Most of the scenes have absolutely no effect on the plot or the character development and there are even music videos randomly placed throughout the film.

No one ever believes me when I say that this movie makes The Room look like a thoughtful, thematic art piece. Okay, that might be stretching it but trust me when I say watching this movie is an experience that you cannot miss out on.

Nick: Jingle All the Way. Arnie actually fights a reindeer and then goes out for drinks with him.. Don’t even get me started on the final punchline/shot of this movie. I watch this movie every year at Christmas time when I wrap gifts. Its the best.

Last Movie I Saw & What I Thought of It

Both: Colossal.

Jess: A COLOSSAL waste of time. Ha ha ha, some word humour for you. It’s always kind of hard to watch a movie when you don’t like or sympathize with any of the characters* and I wasn’t a fan of the movie wanting to be three genres but falling short on all of them.

* Except Tim. Tim deserved better.

Nick: It hit harder than I thought it would but overall was quite average. A Kaiju film should not just be average.

Most Anticipated Film: Free Fire

Jess: Free Fire. Upon writing this I realized it actually came out a week ago. I haven’t seen it though so it is still anticipated!

Nick: Three Billboard Outside Ebbing, Missouri or The Shape of Water.