Project 52: Week 1 - Self Portrait

This year, we decided to push ourselves to create more. Paintings, photos, films, everything! We love sharing our work with the world and the satisfaction that comes with making something interesting and beautiful. It's hard to find motivation sometimes, so we really wanted to push ourselves to make 2018 a year of development and creativity.

We've already begun working on a few film projects this year (including Acedia, which we mentioned in our last blog post), but we decided to do something different to expand the photography side of our website -- the 52 Week Photo Challenge. A few of our friends attempted this last year and it was really interesting to see the variety in results. The challenge is designed to start at the beginning of the year and continue every week until New Years but unfortunately, we didn't have time to start on it until now. Better late than never, right?

Week 1 of the project is intended to be a self-portrait. This was a bit of a difficult one since it's pretty impossible to get a non-selfie photo of yourself in focus without monitors/fancy gadgets that we just don't have. So we chose to take this in a more abstract direction, focusing on the multiple dimensions of individuality that can exist within one person.

Afterwards, we also had some fun playing with light painting and exposure techniques. Not everything we shot turned out as hoped, but some of it is pretty cool! Enjoy our bonus shots for Week 1 of Project 52.