ECLECTIC Fest is a multimedia gallery sale and showcase put on by ECLECTIC47 and artists within our local community. We strive to feature small artists on a platform that allows them to display and sell their work at a low cost, enabling experimentation and risk-taking without the fear of needing to meet a high booth fee or pay an exuberant gallery price just to show your work.

Our showcase features a collection of artists displaying and selling their work that all falls under a specific theme. The theme is chosen by us but beyond that, we let our artists run free with what they make, how they price their work, and how they want to interpret our specific theme.

If you want to use this opportunity to simply display your work in a pseudo-gallery setting, go for it!

If you want to focus more on selling smaller merchandise, awesome!

If you want to do anything and everything in between these two options, that’s cool too! It’s totally up to you; we just want to give you a space to experiment with just enough guidelines that you’ll feel motivated to create and exhibit original, current work.