Do I need to create new work for the show?

Nope! If you have an existing line of work that fits our theme, we’re okay with that. We will not tell you what to make for the show at any point in time; it’s totally up to you what you will make and sell.

What do I have to provide at the show?

You need to bring your art, any labour needed to assist in running your display, and any means of accepting cash including a cash register, float, and credit card reader. You must have a debit/credit card reader in order to participate in the event.

You also need to bring any tables, backdrops, etc that you require to display your art.

Should I bring anything else for my display?

Yes! We encourage everyone to bring any decorations they want. We also do not provide tables — since we’re going for more of an “art gallery where you can buy stuff” feeling and less of a craft market vibe, we encourage people to think of how to display their art beyond the traditional folding-table booth setup. That being said, tables can be used for your display if you wish, just mention in your application that this is your plan.

Please note that no holes can be made in the walls. If you have art that would require hanging and are not sure how to display it, just let us know and we will help you out!

Can students apply?


Where will the show be?

We will be located at 2531 Ontario St.

What time does the show run?

We will do our setup from 10 am - 12 pm. The show will run from 12 pm - 6 pm, with teardown from 6 pm - 8 pm.

What do I need to apply?

Please include a link to your portfolio/website as well as a description of what kind of things you want to make for the show. We’d love to hear what your unique interpretation of our theme is so we can make sure your art is a good fit for us!

If you have existing work that you’d like to use instead of creating something new, please include images.

How big will the displays be?

That depends on the artists that are in the show! Final display sizes will be determined once we have our locked lineup. For now, just list in your application how much space you would ideally need, and we will work with you upon acceptance to determine the final setup.

Do you take a % of sales?

Nope! We only charge the $80 booth fee if you are accepted to the event.

How do I pay the booth fee?

We accept e-Transfer, cash, or in person cheque. We will give a receipt regardless of payment type. We do not accept Venmo.